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Monday, August 29, 2011

Possible Coming Al Shabaab Bombing Outside of Somalia

Russian made Semtex, similar to to US made C-4 was held in large Stockpiles in Libya. An undetermined quantity of Semtex now been acquired by AQIM, al al qaeda affiliate during the Libyan Revolution.

Bombings of both the Nigerian UN Building and the Algerian Military Academy took place in the last week, both less than a month after the Semtex was acquired. Both were car bombs, both with very powerful explosions, and both by al Qaeda affiliates.It would not be a surprise to find that Semtex was involved in both bombings.

  • Since AQIM, Boko Haram and al Shabaab have both been active in seeking to communicate with each other
  • Since there is an established arms smuggling route along the Southern Saraha that reaches Somalia,
  • It would not be a surprise for some of this Semtex to be in the hands of al Shabaab
I would watch in the next two weeks to see if al Shabaab conducts a bombing outside of Somalia, as they do not want to interfere with current famine food relief

-Shimron Issachar

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