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Friday, July 01, 2011

SPLM NCP Sign a Framework for discussions in Sudan

29 June 2011—(Khartoum) — The SPLM and the NCP on Tuesday signed a frame work agreement, in an attempt to resolve their differences and find a lasting peace in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

The agreement, signed in Addis Ababa, is to pave way for comprehensive political and security arrangements in the two areas.

A Sudanese intellectual and political analyst said that the accord between the two parties is a positive move towards peace and stability in the warring regions.

Doctor Omar Ahmed El-Garrai spoke to SRS from Khartoum on Wednesday.

[Omar al-Garrai]: "I think it is a good agreement and the talks were successful. It falls on the interest of all Sudanese people. I think the SPLM stance is strong in these talks, because the talks with the NCP come following the armed aggressions by the government on southern Kordofan state. In addition to that, the fear by the government that southern Kordofan might turn to an area of accountability such as what has happened in Darfur."

The NCP had earlier vowed not to negotiate with SPLM/SPLA in the north, and instead threatened to clear the SPLA forces in southern Kordofan.

Al-Garrai however said that the NCP’s move to sign the agreement is a show that the party is aware of the intensity of the atrocities committed in the area, and the price that the perpetrators are likely to pay in the end.

[Omar El-Garrai]: "For the NCP, if these talks succeed, it will be a big success for them, I think they will succeed in hiding a big crime that occurred in Southern Kordofan, whereby hundreds of people were killed and thousands fled their homes. It is better for the NCP to stop the political statements and threats and as well insistence of using force and rejecting to withdraw from Abyei and southern Kordofan. They had better reconsider their position and try to win in the diplomatic round after they tried the military round and did not even gain a tangible military win."

The agreement also stipulates that “any disarmament to the SPLA forces in the north shall be done in accordance with agreed upon plans and without resorting to force."

The SPLA from the two states are to be integrated into the northern army "over a period of time and with modalities to be agreed upon," or demobilized.

The agreement which was facilitated by the chief African Union mediator Thabo Mbeki, was signed by the chairman of the SPLM in the north Malik Agar and the presidential advisor Doctor Nafi Ali Nafi.

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