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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Blind Men and the Elephant and Africa's Great War

The ongoing, multi-generational, multi national war centered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but involving 25 countries is so complex and multifaceted that any analysis must be considered like information from the Blind Men and the Elephant. Some parts are very accurate, but conclusions are likely wrong.

Wikipedia is doing well to try and inductively stack up the facts, but the old elephant still seems to be young, and is changing as it grows.

The roots of the conflict seems to emerge from Five Interactive conflicts, creating a self-sustaining death machine that may have caused as many as 5.4 million war-related deaths between 1998 and 2008 , and are still causing as many as 46,000 deaths a month.

  1. Tutsi- Hutu tribes seeking each others genocide in The Kivu Conflict.
  2. An honest civil war ending in an untenable peace
  3. Cannibalism of Pygmies by many tribes
  4. Vast reserves of precious minerals and Diamonds, and large multinational corporations paying who ever temporarily holds the mines.
  5. Socialist African countries coming to each other's aid
The first answer is does any group of countries care enough to intervene?

The right question is how does the killing stop long enough to create space for an alternative to being a soldier emerges?

The final answer is - until the precious mineral funding stops, the war will continue until everyone is dead by war or famine. Starvation of funds must create space so that these five conflicts can be segregated and addressed, one by one.

Shimron Issachar

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