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Friday, July 08, 2011

Al Shabaab Planning July 11 Attacks In Uganda and Kenya

Kampala (Alshahid)-Uganda Police yesterday issued a terror alert, saying it had intelligence indicating that Alshabab were planning anniversary bombings in both Uganda and Kenya to coincide with July 11.

The anniversary bombings, Police said, would either be carried out before, or immediately after July 11.

“We have credible information of their plans and that they are targeting hotels and other public places,” Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said yesterday.

“We are, therefore, urging the public to be vigilant. The information we have indicates that they want to have twin bombings in Kenya and Uganda,” she said.

On July 11, 2010, 79 people were killed in twin bomb attacks as they watched the World Cup finals between the Netherlands and Spain.

Alshabab militants in Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack.

Terror alert in Uganda comes as their Kenyan counterparts have beefed up security of airports following a leaked US advisory to foreign counterparts on Al-Qaeda attacks.

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