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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Al Qaeda's Online Marketing Plan

Some tips about how al Qaeda recruits their Human Bombs on line....

Shmukh user al-Sakit argues that you need a wide distribution of jihadi propaganda on mainstream forums in order to attract a small amount of people.
  • He observes that the three top mainstream Arabic forums have one million users each.
  • If you post jihadi propaganda to all of them, only 10% (300,000) are likely to look at it.
  • Of those, 10% (30,000) will like what they see.
  • Of those, 10% (3000) will embrace the idea of jihad.
  • Of those, 10% (300) will propagandize.
  • Of those, 10% (30) will go out to fight in a jihad.
  • Of those, 10% (3) will seek martyrdom.

That’s much the way I think about it, which is why countering the effects of jihadi propaganda is so difficult. It just needs to mobilize a few.


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