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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six In Central Florida Indited for Taliban Support

The US Department of Justice has charged six Pakistani Americans today with aiding the Pakistani Taliban. Three of those charged, including two imams at mosques in southern Florida, have been arrested, while three others are currently in Pakistan.
The six people have been identified as

  • Hafiz Muhammed

  • Sher Ali Khan; his two sons, Irfan and Izhar;

  • Ifran Ali Khan

  • Izar Ali Khan

  • Amina Ali Khanand her son Zeb; and another man known as

  • Faisal Ali Rehman.
    Hafiz and Izhar were arrested in Florida today, while Irfan was arrested in Los Angeles. Amina, Zeb, and Rehman are currently in Pakistan, beyond the reach of US officials.

Both Hafiz and Izhar are imams at mosques in southern Florida. Hafiz is the imam at the Miami Mosque, which is also known as the Flagler Mosque. Izhar is the imam at the Jamaat Al-Mu'mineen Mosque in Margate.

The six Pakistani Americans have been charged with "conspiring to provide, and providing, material support to a conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap persons overseas, as well as conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, specifically, the Pakistani Taliban," the Department of Justice said in a press release issued today. In addition to the conspiracy charges, Hafiz, Rehman, and Zeb have also been charged with "providing material support to the Pakistani Taliban."

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