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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Al Shabaab Enforces Teaching Radical Jihad in Somali Schools

MOGADISHU (Sunatimes)- Somalia’s extremist group of Alshabab has
ordered public schools to include Jihad subject to the school
curriculum, one of the latest pressing hardship being faced by the
war-weary Somalis.

Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein, an Al shabaab Mogadishu mayor has told the
reporters the move is aimed at training young students about the
“importance” of their Jihad version which Somali religious leaders
described as ‘interests follow-up’ not Jihad.

“ People are wanted to take part in the Jihad against the apostate
government and the Christian AMISOM. All schools are supposed to take
these news orders” he said.

Somalia’s ineffective government is busy with clashing itself and
sitting few blocks in Mogadishu as the world community finances their
futile moves. The government was supposed to crash the Al-Qaeda linked
militants beheading people and committing prosecutions in Somalia, but
instead its officials are filling their pockets with corrupt money.

Hundreds of Somalis are dying for hunger as the result of droughts hit
the country at the eyes of Somali government.

The horn of Africa nation has been without central government
since1991 after clan militias and warlords overthrown the dictator
regime of Siad Barre that lastly leashed out to constant violence for
more than 20 years.

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