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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Al Qaeda's Africa Express East -Khartoum to Mogadishu

There seems to be an al Qaeda resupply route running fro Khartoum to Mogadishu.

Another al Shabaab member was just detained in the same area as the other four, carrying bomb making materials from Kenya to Somalia. This time, an Arab. He claims to have come a similar route as the other four. They seem to have no papers or forged papers and when they have passports, they have no stamps in them.

This suggests that there is a regular route from South Eastern Sudan, across the Northern frontier of Kenya near the Ethiopia border, crossing over into Southern Somalia.

It's worth Exploring whether the South Sudan Liberation Army in South Sudan are providing safe conduct for Islamist terrorists connected to al Qaeda from Khartoum through South Sudan, being handed off to Somali tribes in North Kenya who then move them through to the Somali border.

This would be third land resupply and route for al Shabaab, and suggests that the Kenya border with Somalia is tighter now than it used to be. If this is true, then there is probably a small but key transportation organization lead travelers on that route.

-Shimron Issachar


By Cyrus Ombati

A man believed to be an Al-Shabaab militant was arrested and bomb-making material seized from him as he tried to cross into Somalia at the Liboi border.

The man who police said is of Arab origin was carrying a powder and other chemicals used in assembling explosives.

He told police he had come from Sudan via Uganda before entering Kenya through the Busia border.

Anti-terror police who are interrogating him are, however, puzzled his passport does not bear the stamps of the borders he claims to have crossed.

"We do not know why his passport is not stamped, but he insists he came from Sudan and is headed to Somalia to teach his followers," said a senior officer, who sought anonymity.

Train militants

A Ugandan national who wanted to cross into Somalia was also nabbed at the same border. Police say they are yet to establish the pair’s motive for crossing into Somalia but suspect they were going to train the militant group.

Both men were driven to Garissa where anti-terror police interrogated them. Police on Thursday issued a terror alert, citing intelligence reports, that Al-Shabaab was planning attacks during Easter.

Commissioner of Police Mathew Iteere cautioned Kenyans to be careful when visiting shopping malls, places of worship, Government buildings and recreational centres.

"We wish to inform the public that Police headquarters has received intelligence that Al-Shabaab has threatened to carry out violent attacks on certain targets," said Iteere.

The police boss advised the management of targeted places to enhance security.

"Members of public are also reminded it is their civic duty to co-operate with legitimate security personnel to improve security and safety. We also wish to encourage the public to promptly report any suspicious activities or characters to police.

"It is encouraging to note that due to this co-operation there is a marked improvement in the flow of information between police and the public," he said.

This is the second time this year that the terror group threatens to hit Kenya for supporting Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

The group had two months ago threatened to hit Kenya for training TFG security personnel.

TFG is battling with the gang at the Kenyan border to oust them from the region. The group was blamed for the bomb attacks on fans during the World Cup finals in Kampala that killed more than 70 people, last year.

At least eight Kenyans are among suspects being held over the bombing. The same group was also blamed for the bombing of a bus in Nairobi that killed at least one person last year.

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