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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shabaab Operating In Kenya, as their defeated foreign fighters Flee South

Note the names of al Shabaab Hit Squad entering Kenya.



Police yesterday released the identities of nine suspected terrorists operating between Kenya and Somalia as al Shabaab announced it was considering carrying out attacks in Nairobi.

Police deputy spokesman Charles Owino Wahong'o said the nine had received military training by the militia group. He said police require the help of the public to arrest the suspects who have since gone into hiding.

Two of the suspects,
  • David Kahuho Wangechi also known as Yusuf
  • John Mwanzia Ngui otherwise known as Yahya are believed to have been responsible for the grenade attack on two traffic police officer on Thika Road in December last year.

    Other suspects were identified as
  • Abbas Mwai
  • Juma Daud Abdirahman
  • Duda Brown
  • Duda Black
  • Hussein Mwai
  • Osodo and Ibrahim Ruta who are said to be in Somalia.

Owino said anti-terrorism police were on high alert to make sure the country was not attacked following several threats by terrorists.

Addressing Muslim faithful at a mosque in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Muktar Robow Al Mansur, a key commander of the Islamist group yesterday said the Kenyan government has failed to respond to a call asking it not to interfere in Somali affairs.

Sheikh Mansur said their attempts to convince the Kenyan government have fallen on deaf ears and now warrants possible military retaliation. He accused the Kenyan government of harbouring Ethiopian troops and forces allied to the Somali government. Robow also accused the Kenyan government of arresting civilians and branding them as members of the group.

The latest threat comes barely a week after Al Shabaab spokeman, Sheikh Mohamoud Rage, issued a warning to Kenya that it "will pay the price for allowing Ethiopian and Somali government to use Kenyan soil as launch pad for attacks". The group has previously threatened Kenya for training Somali government forces.

While the past threats have been general, yesterday the group specifically mentioned Nairobi as a target of a possible attack. "Kenya has constantly disturbed us, and now it should face the consequences of allowing Ethiopian troops to attack us from Mandera," said Rage

In a rejoinder, the Department of Defense spokesman Bogita Ongeri, who spoke to the Star, rubbished the accusation and threats by al Shabaab. He said the Kenyan military has sealed the border with Somalia and the county was prepared to thwart any attempts to carry out attacks.

"Al Shabaab has been threatening us for no apparent reason. It is a balatant propaganda that we allowed in foreign troops. We have our own soldiers at the border, as we respect the sovereignty of other countries we will also wish the same to be accorded to us," said Ongeri.

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