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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Styron Trading had an aircraft in Berbera Somalia

Styron Trading UAE, had a S9 DBQ aircraft located at Berbera Airfield in Novermber and/or December 2008. It is likely the enginer was replaced by one stolen from an aircraft in Uganda...

This bears further investigation....

According to this Uganda Court document, 2008 in a rulling by V.F. Musoke Kibuuka,
Judge, 12.9.08. an aircraft beloning to Stream Aviation was grounded in Uganda by the civil aviation authority for an extended period of time.

Somehow, they got wind that the aircraft's engine was stolen, and was about to be installed into a S9-DBQ plane owned located at the Berbera airfiled in Somalia.

The plane was alegedly owned by Styron Trading, UAE (Registered in the Democratic Republic of Sau Tome). It is likely the plane was at Berbera in Novermber and/or December 2008.

Further, TBDA suggests that Volia Subnet out of Kiev, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine, was looking for the the Styron Trading plane by tail number "an-12 5342802 somalia", specifically looking for its connection to Somalia on 19th January 2011, 12:10


Here is a summary of the complaint
In brief, the background, as set out in the averments accepted by court, appears to be that the applicant company, STREAM AVIATION LTD, is a company duly incorporated in France. It was carrying on civil aviation business in Uganda.

  • It had an office at Entebbe Airport and had a running contract for Cargo transportation for the UPDF.
  • In Uganda the applicant operates one Antinov aircraft, AN.12BK, registration, 4L-ELE, serial number 5342802.
  • The aircraft is leased by the applicant from its owner, VARTY PACIFIC INC., a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, but with its registered office in Shargah, United Arab Emirates.
  • The Lease Agreement is annexed to the affidavit in rejoinder.

The allegation in the statement of facts was that on 5th July, 08, the aviation Police of Entebbe Airport grounded the applicant’s aircraft which was undergoing routine repairs.

  • Since that time, the applicant has not been allowed access to it or completing the routine repairs or using the aircraft.
  • That decision of the respondent, according to the applicant, has led to it suffering loss of business earnings amounting to US$700,000, by the time of filing the application, but which has since continued to escalate.
  • The affidavit in reply by Mr. Matsiko Ssenyonga does not deny the allegation that the applicant’s plane was grounded by the respondent on 5th July 08.
  • it states, instead, that on 1st August, 08, the respondent received a complaint from one Anatoliy Lovin, director of Styron Trading Incorporation in the United Arab Emirates.

The complaint was to the effect that the applicant’s aircraft was suspected of being fitted or about to be fitted with stolen aviation engines belonging to an airplane of S9-DBQ belonging to Styron Trading Incorporation registered in the Democratic Republic of Sau Tome but which was, at the time at the airfield of Berbera in Somalia.

Mr. Matsiko avers that the Aviation Security in liaison with the military agreed to ground the aircraft until the complaint was resolved.

The Managing Director of the respondent had directed Mr. Matsiko to deal with the matter as he seemed appropriate. Mr. Matsiko also averred that the applicant did not own the aircraft as it had no lease agreement.

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