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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kidnapped Child Soliders make up al Shabaab Mustafa Abul Yaziid Brigade

This report, published on October 22nd, 2010, describe a new Al Shabaab Brigade being formed by pulling children out of school and giving them weapons. The unit, recently put on a demonstration in Mogadishu. This suggests an offensive is being planned. It may be being led by some new Shabbab officers.

-shimron Issachar


The Al-Qaeda linked insurgent group of Al-Shabaab has recently recruited some senior officers of Al-Shabaab and has presented in Mogadishu, hundreds of freshly trained young Somali generation, trained by the Al-Qaeda foreigner fighters. Those are hiding in the Somali territory are to take part what they call a Holy war (Jihad) against African Union Peace keeping troops, and the troops of the transitional federal government of Somalia.

The recruitment of this generation came after Al-Shabaab began to register large numbers of generations without considering their age. There are under age children not able to carry guns they are to fight with, these children are believed to be forcibly removed from the schools and villages in the areas. Those who choose not to are labelled non-believers and can be executed by beheading.

The troops wear the same military clothes and are armed with different weapons, with motorbikes and other military carrier vehicles, the soldiers were announcing Arabic words against AMISOM, AU, UN and the West.

The deputy leader of Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow (Abu-Mansour) and the Spokesman of Al-Shabaab Sheikh Ali Mohamud Raghe (Sheikh Ali Dhere) were in the area where the fresh troops presented military marches and commando presentations in front of thousands of people who gathered at the area. They also named these soldiers the brigade of “Mustafa Abul Yaziid”.

The seniors who were addressing to the soldiers and the people who support them told that this brigade will revenge for the Mustafa Abul Yaziid, one of Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan who died in the past month in a joint offensive carried out by the American and Afghan troops, also they have told that these troops will be destroyed with their military experience and civilian support, along with the unstoppable power of the African Union Peace Keeping troops in Somalia.

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