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Monday, November 01, 2010

AQIM Tries to Reconnect Communication to France

The following was posted on November 1st, 2010, to the Algerian Independant Newspaper El Kabar, and seems to have been immedeately pulled.

It is likely a plant by somone interested in facilitating negotiation between France and AQIM concering ransom for hostages, since recent negotiations between France and AQIM have not gone well.

Mathieu Guidere and the orignial writer of the article could be checked out;

IP records can be tracked back getting access to Google Analytics account
UA-3762523-1 which holds a record of all IP addresses who posted and visited the cache.

Shimron Issachar


Abu Zeid, also known as Abid Hammadou, who commands one of two squads of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is likely to become the new leader of AQIM after the death of the current leader, namely Abdelmalek Droukdel, alias Abu Musab Abdelouadoud.

“This guy is on the rise,” said Mathieu Guidere, a North African terrorism specialist at the University of Geneva and author of several books on Islamic radicalism.

M.Guidere added that the recent threat of leader of Al-Qaeda Osama Bin Laden against French and European interests, and French ones in particular in the Sahel region, reflects that Bin Laden trust Abu Zeid as a leader.

In this context, the Swiss expert predicts a happy-ending of the French hostage crisis, detained by Abu Zeid in Mali. M. Guidere explained that Islamic Sharia prohibits the execution of hostages in case of the existence of negotiation cannels.

He further indicated that the French hostages are likely to be released by exchanging them with AQIM detainees at Sahel countries, adding that negotiations are to be long.

The Resthref="">El Kabar

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