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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Al Qaeda Trafficking Drugs to Europe from South America

This is old news to many but there are more detials to this story which are not written about in the following article. Find them here on this site.

Check out Brugges, Belgium airport.

They know tail numbers, flight schedules, and the airports used.

Shimron Issachar

Officials said U.S. intelligence first spotted AQIM's use of Boeing 727 jets for drug smuggling as early as 2006. They acknowledged that the threat was played down in the U.S. government, particularly by the Homeland Security Department.

AQIM has significantly expanded its use of jets to fly tons of cocaine and weapons to such countries as Mali and Mauritania. Officials said the weapons were used for Al Qaida's war against Algeria and Western interests while the cocaine was meant to finance insurgency operations.

"The planes have been owned by South American smugglers and terrorists, and AQIM operates flights, cargo transfer and smuggling to Europe," the official said. "AQIM could use the planes for their operations once they land in North Africa."

The Rest @ World Tribune

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