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Monday, October 18, 2010

Drug Traffiicking and Ilyas Kashmiri Intel Trip to UK

Morocco dismantled a drug-trafficking network with branches in Latin America, Europe and Africa, the interior ministry said on Tuesday (October 12th).

Police arrested 7 suspects and seized large quantities of money, cocaine, cannabis and tear gas. The investigation revealed that the drugs entered Morocco from Mali.

The group is also suspected of links to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Thanks to Zawya for notice of the article in Magharebia

-Shimron Issachar

Ilyas Kashmiri, an Al Qaeda commander, arranged the trip to meet ‘contacts’ as part of plans for an attack on a Danish newspaper that printed cartoons of Mohammed.

The meeting between Kashmiri’s associate, a U.S. citizen called David Coleman Headley, and two British men allegedly happened in August 2009 in Derby.

According to U.S. court documents, Kashmiri said the men would provide Headley with ‘money, weapons and manpower’.

The details have emerged as part of the case against Headley, 50, who was arrested last year in Chicago on his way to Pakistan to hand over surveillance videos to terrorists.

It is believed that one-eyed Kashmiri is behind the recent terror alerts in Europe, sparked by intelligence that he had boasted about sending terrorists to Britain and Germany.

The revelations come as French Interior Minister

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