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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tiramavia Airlines

Tiramavia Airlines is a charter aircraft company based in Moldova (Country run by Russina Military officers).

IT was founded in 2008 and has one or two aircraft, a ER-ACO Antonov AN-12BP, MSN 5343204 ,possibly an Antonov AN-12BK msn 347407

  • Name Alias IATA ICAO Country Base Dates
  • Tiramavia TVI Moldova Chisinau 1998-2007
    AOC revoked 21/6/07.
  • Mikma ITL Moldova Kishinev 1998-1998

    Full Aircraft ownership history here

They have flown through Liberia on many occasions carrying Arms aimed for other countries, including this event in 2002 when they crashed. Since Tiramavia has rechartered in Moldova, they may have continued to ship arms into Africa.

read recent report concering arms shipments and Moldova:

"Although it is difficult to obtain exact figures, there is a general understanding that
Moldova retains significant SALW stockpiles and would welcome an opportunity to
sell at least some of them on the international market. There is therefore no guarantee
that the recent pattern [ of reduction in SALW ]of minimal transfers will continue."

Moldova and Small Arms Trasnsfer Report @ Safer World

-Shimron Issachar

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