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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cabdi Godane Picture and Press Release

Shabab leaders from the Northern Somalia are mainly to blame for destroying Southern Somalia.Godane sets Islam ultimatumMogadishu - A founder and top leader of Somalia's insurgent Shebab group Shabaab al-Mujahideen: on Wednesday vowed to continue his armed struggle until Islamic law spreads across the world and Jerusalem is "liberated".
-(picture from terror free somalia, names on pictures not cofirmed by Shimron letters)

Ahmed Abdi Godane, best known in Somalia by his nom de guerre "Abu Zubayr", spoke in a recorded message that was distributed to local media in Mogadishu.

...."We will fight and the wars will not end until Islamic Sharia is implemented in all continents in the world and until Muslims liberate Jerusyalem," ....

the senior Shabaab leader said. His message was carried by radios, televisions and websites as sporadic fighting continued in Mogadishu following clashes that have left dozens dead since last week.

The fighting has pitted forces loyal to President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed - a moderate Islamist - against radical insurgents led by the Shebab and opposed to the transitional federal government.

Foreign support

"The fighting in Mogadishu is between the forces of Allah and elements whose intention is to introduce democracy and Jewish theories," Godane said. "So we ask the population in the capital to choose the right path."

The Shabaab, which controls most of southern Somalia, has admitted to receiving the support of foreign fighters. According to Somali security officials and foreign intelligence sources in the region, extremist foreign fighters have flocked to Somalia since the start of the year and currently number around 500. Observers have warned that since Ethiopia's military withdrawal in January, Somalia risked becoming a haven for al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists.
Godane also issued a warning to the Somali media.

"Journalists should work professionally," he said in his audio message.

"It is your duty to take part in the current jihad (holy war). Don't misrepresent the facts, don't mislead the people,"

Godane added, addressing the country's press corps. Somalia is one of the world's most dangerous places for journalists, who have been routinely arrested by the authorities or kidnapped and killed by various armed groups

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