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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AQIM Atempting to Provoke French Attack

AREVA Hostages.

It may be that AQIM is trying to Provoke a French Attack in the Sahel to provide a pretense for an upcoming attack on French soil al Qaeda anticipates will cause both Muslim and non-Muslim deaths in France;

This may be art of a global strategy to increase the level of commitment of the Umma by the Islamist Movement:

If succseful, more Muslims will move into the next level of commitment.
  • Salifiyaa into Activist,
  • AcftiviBulleted Listst to Ikhwan,
  • I khwan to Mujahadin.
The point here is that this Hostage taking is a deliberate provocation of the French administration, to provoke an overreaction. The Overreaction will be used as a justification for the attack in France.....

(Remember the Arch Duke Ferdinand assassiation?)

Caution is recommended, and watch for other incidents designed provoke an attack on Muslim popultions:

England - The Netherlands - Sweden

the activities are designed to create overreactions and then higher commmitment to Jihad by Muslim populations...

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