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Monday, August 23, 2010

Viktor Bout Put in Isolation Cell

Note the Story below:

TASS, a Russian Government Mouth Piece Media organization, sesems to be expressing outrage. It may be that the outrage is that they can't get at him. The Russians do not want him to get to US interigation or worse for them, US deal makers. He knows names, dates, arms shipments and strategies the Russians don't want to get out.

-Shimron Issachar.

Bout transferred to solitary cell in Bang Kwan Prison
23.08.2010, 21.15

BANGKOK, August 23 (Itar-Tass) - Russian citizen Viktor Bout was transferred to Thailand’s Bang Kwan Prison and put in a solitary cell, Alla Bout, his wife, told ltar-Tass on Monday. Bang Kwan Prison is the oldest prison in Bangkok that used to be known as Bangkok Hilton.
The businessman is held in a solitary cell two by two meters in size. Alla Bout said he was transferred on Friday immediately after the decision to extradite him to the US had become known. “Nobody talked with him, nothing was explained to him. It was only said he had been transferred for his own safety,” she went on. “The prison authorities claim he would be in danger in a cell with others,” she said. “Leg irons were removed in 24 hours. Food that is brought twice a day is not edible. He has not eaten all this time, and he is even not allowed to go for walks,” she said.
“We are at a loss as to what further steps of the authorities will be,” Alla Bout said.
“Russian consul Andrei Dvornikov today demanded in an ultimatum right in the prison that the conditions in which Bout is held should be immediately changed,” the businessman’s wife said. “I do hope he will be transferred to a cell where there are other people. In the cell has to sit on the floor.”
Asked by Itar-Tass about her husband’s attitude, she said, “Surely he is not going to cry. He says he will not make things easy for the Americans. He intends to win the trial if it is a real trail, not a farce,” she said.
“So many accusations were heaped on him over these years that objective attitude to him in the United States can hardly be expected,” the businessman’s wife said.

Past Friday the court decreed to satisfy the request of the US side for the businessman’s extradition to the United States. Thailand’s Criminal Court in 2009 dropped all accusations against the Russian citizen, noting, specifically, that the US had not produced enough proofs, while the case itself affected the interests of a number of countries and was political. This time the Commission of Appeal found Bout’s case having nothing to do with politics and explained the lack of proofs by the fact that, according to the plaintiff, they existed in the US.

Sources in Thailand’s law enforcement bodies said on condition of anonymity that “the US side hurries up with the extradition procedure” without specifying at what stage the procedure was. Since the moment the verdict was announced the US has 90 day to complete the procedure. The prosecution had earlier stated that “if the Americans fail to carry through the procedure within the allotted time the businessman will be freed.”

The Rest @ TASS

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