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Monday, August 16, 2010

Iranian In Venezuela Interested in Manuel Silva Jaramillo

New York .- Romania today extradited to the United States to Colombian drug lord Jesus Eduardo Valencia Arbelaez, alias "Father" and alias "Pat", leader of a Colombian-Venezuelan drug trafficking and money laundering, to be tried before the Court for the Southern District in Manhattan. . The prosecutor Preet Bhar and the administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA Drug Enforcement Administration),

Michele M. Leonhart recalled that according to the Indictment of July 7 in 2009y other court documents that at Valencia Arbelaez led a sophisticated organization based in Colombia and Venezuela, which operated through Bolivia, Spain, Netherlands, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Cyprus and the United States.......


This article was orginally published in spanish, @

TDBA shows that someone ( ) in Venezuela, searced for "manuel silva jaramillo" information - and translated it into Farsi.

15th August 2010

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16th August 2010

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.......In September 2007 members of its network bought an airplane to transport tons of cocaine to West Africa.

Between September 2007 and March 2009, Manuel Silva Jaramillo, another member of the organization arrested this year, led meetings to acquire the aircraft, including those in Madrid, Spain and New York and Virginia.

Jaramillo Silva got the financing for the purchase of aircraft registered in Cyprus and Sierra Leone.

During a meeting, which was recorded, Silva Jaramillo revealed that the organization had between 30 and 60 million euros in Spain that needed washing.

Jesus Eduardo Valencia Arbelaez, who has dual Colombian and Mexican citizenship, in , met in Spain with an undercover DEA agent November 2008 to purchase the aircraft.

He then admitted that the organization enjoyed support by land and had a private military airfield in Guinea, West Africa, where it could deliver the cocaine shipments that originated in Venezuela.

Also found that while the airplane could be capable of carrying seven tons of cocaine at the same time, the organization wanted to start shipments of two to three tons.

In January 2009, Valencia Arbelaez met again with the DEA confidential source in Europe. Entre otras cosas, reconoció quesu red investigaba la posibilidad de envíos de cocaína desde Bolivia a África.

Among other things, recognized network Quesu investigating the possibility of cocaine shipments from Bolivia to Africa.

The next day, Valencia Arbelaez managed the delivery of 250,000 euros in cash to the confidential source, representing an additional payment for the purchase of the aircraft.

On June 10, 2009, the Colombian traveled to Bucharest in Romania, to further meetings to establish a new base of operations for the organization.

Following an arrest warrant from the United States, the Romanian authorities - Inspectoratul General Poliţiei Romane (Igpr) - Valencia Arbelaez captured in the Hotel Continental in Bucharest on 12 June, to be extradited.

This is the fifth member of the organization to be arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to drug trafficking.

In April 2009 Gerardo Quintana Pérez, alias "El Viejo" and alias "Quintero Germain and Steven Harvey Perez, aka" Michael "who were sent from Sierra Leone to the United States.

In June 2009, Javier Caro, alias "William Zabieh", aka "The Engineer," alias "Javier Gonzalez" was extradited to the U.S. territory from Togo and Manuel Silva Jaramillo was arrested in the Dominican Republic.

Valencia Arbelaez, 43, and Silva Jaramillo, 55, will be tried for conspiracy to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine into the United States, conspiracy to import drugs and conspiracy to launder dollars from drug trafficking. They could be sentenced to pay a life sentence.

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