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Friday, August 27, 2010

AL Shabaab "Abdulahi Mortar" algedly Killed

Republic of Somalia

Transitional Federal Government
Ministry of Information

Ref: WW/XW/ Press Release/16 Date: 26 August 2010

Press Release

TFG Security Forces working with AMISOM to contain Alshabaab offensive
(Mogadishu-Somalia-August 26th, 2010) Anticipation and planning is enabling
TFG security forces, supported by AMISOM forces, to contain the
latest Al shabaab offensive against the Somali people, launched by the
extremist group last Monday.

In the last three days it is reliable estimates account for more than 25
Alshabaab militias dead, including Abdulahi Mortar, an extremist military and
tactical leader who executed numerous mortar attacks on civilians in the city.
Over 70 Al shabaab terrorists were wounded in yesterday's fighting alone.

However, fighting has also resulted in the regrettable death of an estimated 70
innocent civilians, and the wounding of around 200 others. Hospital
procedures are coping well. Wounded people are receiving treatment and
some medevac is also taking place for the most seriously injured.

The Minister of Information said:

"All our preparations mean that Al Shabab are left with ever more desperate
options. The city will remain on high alert. We know where they are targeting
and we are doing everything we can, with outstanding support from AMISOM,
to contain the threat. Without the necessary forces, Al Shabab may still get
through to murder innocent people, so we need the citizens of the Mogadishu
to remain vigilant.

"Somali President Sh Shariif Sh Ahmed offered a ceasefire to allow decent
citizens to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in peace, but the defiant
terrorists Alshabaab have failed to respect this offer and are wholly responsible
for the fighting around the city. But escalating violence during Ramadan simply
reinforces what we already knew. AlShabab are ruthless in their desire to
terrorise the Somali people into submission.

"Their reign of terror doesn't stop at suicide bombings. Beheadings,
amputations, stonings, forced recruitment of children, banning of music and
football, grave desecrations and the repression of the media are the hallmarks
of Al Shabab. There is no popular support for them and so they turn to ever
more desperate measures."

The Rest @ Mareeg

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