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Monday, April 19, 2010

Swedish Recruiting

Stockholm (Alshahid) – The former Somalia Premier Nuur Hassan Hussein (Nuur Adde) who is currently serving as the Somalia’s ambassador to the European Union on Saturday addressed a gathering the Swedish capital of Stockholm which was attended by a large number of Somalis who live in that city.

Ambassador Nuur Adde talked at lengthy about the peace conference held at Djibouti that led to the formation of TFG led by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed accusing the western governments of failing to honor their pledged support for the TFG.

Mr. Nuur urged the Somalis in the Diaspora to tell the governments of their host nations about the real situation in Somalia.

The Ambassador told the attendants that his office will soon launch the issuing of the new Somali passports in the European countries starting with Italy.

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