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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunni Chiefs Declare Jiahd on Shiite Rebels in North Yemen

SANAA, 24 Oct — The military online website, 26-September Saturday said a number of social and tribal figures in Yemen “have urged the state to open up the door of Jihad to fight Zaydi Shiite rebels in north Yemen,” stressing “Jihad against the insurgents is now a religious duty upon all Yemenis.”

“The rebels are implementing a Satanic agenda for foreign powers, targeting social peace and the nation’s stability and security,” said 26-September and quoted a number of dignitaries as saying “Jihad must be declared against this group of terrorists so that citizens can join the battle.”

The Grand Sheik of Bani Hoshish tribes, Muhammad Bashir said “the rebels committed atrocious crimes in our area last year and I was among a few who talked to them in a bid to bring them back to the right path but in vain.

What they are doing in Sadaa and Harf Sufian today shows they are aiming at destroying everything. They shut down schools in north Yemen as they did in our area last year in order to teach their satanic ideology.”

Sheik Ibrahim Ali al-Maqdeshi from Dhamar said “the insurgents have corrupted on earth and the Islamic ruling must be upheld against them: their hands and legs have to be cut off and then they should be crucified as God has ordained,” adding “this cancer has to be eradicated and all the people in Dhamar are ready and willing to join the ranks of the army.”

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