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Thursday, August 13, 2009

US talks about Rape in African War Yet Leaves Arms Trafficking Unaddressed

Thailand refused to Extradite Viktor Bout to the United States for Prosecution, stating that it was clear that the reason for the US request was clearly political.

The US State Department clearly is trying to minimize it. The current Administration only allocates a certain amount of their attention to Africa, and they would rather talk about the Secretary of State's visit to Africa, and her attempt to bring attention to rape being used as a weapon of war in the DRC's civil war, a fruitless, futile excercise, when adressing Arms Trafficking would better serve to end the practice.

Let's be clear: Years ago Viktor Bout's arms trafficking equipped the DRC war that is going on, arming the soldiers and rebels using rape as a weapon. Both his trafficking and rape as a weapon are not new African traditions.

Yet Rape as a weapon of war seems to be a new horror to the Secreatary's staff, though deeper insde the State Department they know this is very old news in Africa.

In the 11 Agust press conference by Phillip J. Crowley of the State Deparment, note that neather he nor the reporter asking the question were aware of the details of the Decision by Thailand not to Extradite Viktor Bout.

The refer to him as "the Russian" and the unknown reporter first seem to think Bout had been extradited to Russia.....

My point is this Secretary Clinton.... If you really want to stop rape as a weapon of war, bring attention to the arms trafficking in Africa. Your office knows all abou it.

It is happening all over, from countries like Romania and Moldavia, paid for by Arabs, Iranians, and even Americans, shipped by European and Dubai based transport companies, facilitated by UAE, Malta, Africa, and Lebanese based businesses, shipped into Mogadishu by Way of Eritrea,, across the Sahara by way of Algiers, Tunisia and Libya. Local funds are still generated by Diamonds and oil.

Secretary Clinton, bring attention to these issues, and the ihorror of rape of women as a weapon of war will begin to serve to end these wars, Africa's true needs and agenda.
Is t heri anyone on you staff who understands why these wars are going on?

Who on your staff suggested that this issue was more imprtant than stopping arms trafficking?" Will bringing attention to to rape in war stop the combatants from doing it?

I am not one to complain without solution: So learn a bout it, Secretary Clinton, talk about Trafficking, where it comes from who gest paid, what big and small companies and countries profit from Arms Trafficking in Africa.

Talking only about Rape in war shows America to have a shallow understanding insincere concern about African Issues. I know that this is not really the case.

There is a Gambian Proverb: A smart opportunist can be an intellectual moron . Please take care not to let the US support illustrate this proverb.

Here is a statement from the US State Department about the Viktor Bout Affair:

-Shimron Issachar


........[ deep in the interview by Mr Crowly of the State Deparmtnet]

QUESTION: Do you have any sort of an understanding that the Russian alleged arms smuggler will not be extradited until the process runs its course? Again, I’m wondering – the Russians sound like it’s all over, of course. We’re waiting for him.

MR. CROWLEY: Well, I think we – we obviously requested the extradition.

QUESTION: I mean to Russia, excuse me.

MR. CROWLEY: Oh, to Russia?


MR. CROWLEY: We would like to see him extradited to the United States.

QUESTION: Yeah, I’m sorry. I misstated. I was wondering if you think he’ll remain in Thailand
long enough for another step or two to be taken in this process.

MR. CROWLEY: Well, let’s take it one step at a time. We’ve got this court ruling. I think the Thai Government will be evaluating its options. Let’s see what the Thai Government decides to do, and then we’ll see what happens after that.

.......Yes, back in the back........

The Rest @ ENews Park Forest

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