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Monday, August 31, 2009

Six al Qaida Cell Commanders to Surrender in Algeria?

The following is from a brand new blog of unconfirmed veracity, and claims that his report came from the Middle East News Line Cairo branch, but I cannot trace it back to its source, however, we will be reading their output overtime

- Shimron Issachar

Algeria Expects Imminent Surrender Of AQIM Agents

CAIRO [MENL] -- Algeria has been preparing for the imminent surrender of six senior Al Qaida operatives.

Security sources said six cell commanders of the Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb were conducting negotiations for their surrender to Algerian authorities. The sources said the two sides were discussing the prospect of amnesty or reduction of any jail sentence for the insurgents.

The Rest @ Al Darb

possibly related from MENL- Shimron

CAIRO [MENL] -- Al Qaida has overseen a network that operates in Spain and has targeted neighboring Morocco.An indictment of suspected Al Qaida insurgents have disclosed plans by an Islamic network to conduct attacks in several cities of Morocco. Theindictment, relayed to the Court of Appeals in Sale, focused on theso-called Abu Yassin cell, aligned to the Al Qaida Organization in theIslamic Maghreb and which was said to have shuttled between Spain and Morocco.

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