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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Body of Foreign Fighter Shown in Somalia

MOGADISHU(Mareeg)—Somali government has displayed the body of “a foreign fighter” in Villa Somalia, the presidential palace on Saturday.

A spokesman for the military of the Somali government, Farhan Asanyo, showed reporters the body of a white man which he described as a fighter from Afghanistan.

The body of the foreigner that the governmnet displayed on 11 July 2009. Farhan said the fighter was killed in fierce fighting between the Islamist forces and the government soldiers which took place in Abdi Azizi district in Mogadishu early on Saturday.

Somali government has been repeating that foreign fighters were fighting alongside Al Shabaab and Hzbul Islam Islamist groups.

Separately, foreign fighters addressed hundreds of people in Mogadishu’s Heliwa district in the north of the capital on Friday afternoon where al Shabaab has a main base and said they came to Somalia to help the Somali Islamists to form an Islamic government through out Somalia.

Witnesses said the foreign Islamist fighters spoke to the people in English and Arabic and some of them claimed they were from Britain and the United States of America.
By Ahmednor Mohamed Farah

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