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Friday, July 03, 2009

Al Shabaab Leader to Speak in Gothenburg, Sweden

Xasaan Xuseen, the spiritual leader of al Shabaab, is scheduled to speak at the Bellevue Mosque in Sweden. Is this part of al Shabaab's recruitment of Somalis from the US, Candada, Britain and Scandinavia? Islam in Europe

The invitation of a man identified as the spiritual leader of al-Shabab by the Bellevue Mosque is disturbing many of Gothenburg's Swedish-Somalis.

He brainwashes youth, says Yoonis Hassan.Yoonis Hassan works as a supervisor at the Gothenburg tram.

He is one of several Swedish-Somalis of varying ages who gathered in central Gothenburg to commemorate Somalian independence. Some of them regularly visit the mosque in Bellevue.The youth in the room speak carefully about Xasaan Xuseen, who was invited to speak in a conference starting at the mosque today (Thursday).

The older people have more to say: Yoonis Hassan says that he's calling Somalis home to wage war.

People are concerned about this this, especially parents.

Most of those GP spoke with wanted to remain anonymous. Everybody is basically convinced that Xasaan Xuseen came to Gothenburg for two reasons: to collect money for al-Shabaab and recruit youth for the group's activities.

"He has supporters in Sweden," says Yoonis Hassan.

The Rest @ Report on Arakis

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