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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Robow, out of Favor Threatens Death To Somali Cabinet Memeber

In the Garowe online Story below, Mukhtaar Abu Mansur Robow is called the "former" Shabaab spokesman. This suggests he has recently been fired, as was suggested earlier. If so, it is likely a falling out of favor for his practice of destroying Sufi Islamic tombs (He authorized a video to be taken of him destorying a grave).

-Shimron Issachar

BAIDOA, Somalia June 23 (Garowe Online) - The former spokesman for Al Shabaab hardliners waging war against Somalia's interim government has threatened to kill a Cabinet minister, Radio Garowe reports.

Sheikh Muktar Robow "Abu Mansur" addressed hundreds of spectators in the southwestern town of Baidoa on Tuesday.

He accused Somali Transportation Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade of "betraying" an amnesty Al Shabaab gave him in January, when the Islamist guerrilla group captured Baidoa from fleeing government forces.

"We have issued an order to kill Habsade and others we forgave when we captured this town [Baidoa] earlier this year…they will not be forgiven [again]," Abu Mansur said.

Minister Habsade, a former warlord from Baidoa, recently said in the national capital Mogadishu that he is organizing a military offensive to retake control of Bay and Bakool regions.

"We will defeat Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam…I will lead the offensive in Bay and Bakool regions," Habsade told Mogadishu-based media.

The Rest @ Garowe Online

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