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Monday, June 08, 2009

Guinea Bissau Presindetial Candidate Baciro Dabo and other Killed in Coupt Attemp

Angola Radio reports that Guinea Bissau had anothother Coupt attempt on Friday, 5 June, 2009 as campaigning for the 28 June election began.Baciro Dabo, Presidentail Candidate adn MP Hélder Proença were among the killed.

-Shimron Issachar

AU considers crucial holding polls on scheduled date in Guinea Bissau Luanda - The African Union (AU) considers as imperative that the presidential election in Guinea-Bissau should be held on the scheduled date as the first step for stability and resolution of the crisis in that country.

This was said to the National Radio of Angola (RNA) by the AU’s special envoy to Guinea Bissau, the Angolan Joao Bernardo de Miranda.

The AU's special envoy was speaking in the light of the deaths of Guinea-Bissau’s former minister of Territorial Administration and candidate to the presidential election, Baciro Dabo, and the MP Hélder Proença, as well as two other people, for alleged involvement in an attempted coup d'état on Friday.

João Bernardo de Miranda said that Baciro Dabo, who died Friday, had expressed his concern about security like the other candidates. The special envoy seized the opportunity to launch an appeal to the international community to analyse calmly the chance to ensure the security of the populations, candidates and institutions. To him, this election is aimed at the normalisation and stability of the institutions of the state and it is the starting point which is extremely important to add other steps, namely the dialogue among Guineans and the necessary reforms that are needed. According to João Miranda, before getting to these last two steps, it is imperative to have a Head of State, therefore it is necessary the election of the president. The AU official said that he was informed that the National Elections Council of Guinea and the Supreme Court are going to meet to advise the interim president to take a position on the holding of the poll. According to the Guinean press, it is circulating in Bissau City a list with names of political leaders to be assassinated. However, the beginning of the campaign for the June 28 presidential election, in Guinea-Bissau, was postponed, according to the chairman of the National Electoral Commission, Desire Lima da Costa, “because there are no psychological conditions, or others”. The country will hold early elections following the assassination of President "Nino" Vieira last March 02, hours after the death of the staff chief of the Armed Forces, Tagmé In Waié.

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