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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shabaab Ransack United Nations and UNICEF Offices in Jowhar

Keep in mind that Garowe has historically had intimate access o Shabaab Leaders and has been a "friendly" voice for their cause"

-Shimron Issachar

19 May (Garowe)

There were no U.N. personnel present at the offices in Jowhar, the capital of Middle Shabelle region that was overtaken by Al Shabaab on Sunday. U.N. officers were evacuated from Jowhar before the Al Shabaab takeover, sources added.
  • "Al Shabaab fighters armed with weapons broke down the doors and took equipment," a security guard at a U.N. compound in Jowhar said on the condition of anonymity.
  • Offices raided include the UNICEF compound and MSF offices in Jowhar, local sources reported.
  • No one was hurt during the raids and Al Shabaab commanders did nothing to stop the raids, locals said.
  • Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein, who was asked about the raids by the BBC Somali Service, declined to comment but stated that Al Shabaab would "return the equipment."
  • He called on U.N. and other aid agencies to "calm down and to continue working" in Middle Shabelle region.
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