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Friday, April 03, 2009

Godane Hunting Robow to Arrest Him

Somalia: Alshabab To Arrest Its Spokesman
Mogadishu, 3 April 2009

Reports from Kismayo suggest that the Al shabaab leader, Mr. Ahmed Godane has officially ordered his militia to arrest the organization’s spokesman, Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur after he is accused of disobeying the organization’s law and the Shari’ah in general.

  • He is accused of inviting the NGOs to operate in Bay and Bakol regions of Somalia.
  • Mr. Godane is said to be heading to Bay and Bakol regions in order to arrest Mr. Robow who originally hails from those regions.
  • Sh. Robow warned against any attempt from Mr. Godane to arrest him.

Sh. Robow issued a call last week inviting the NGOs to work in the region and to help the poor people living there as the situation of those people is deteriorating. He is also accused of releasing government officials who have been arrested during the Al shabab’s seizure in Baidoa.

It seems Alshabab is breaking up into smaller groups and this would lead a religious war in Somalia where different armed religious groups are fighting against each other.

Al shabab is the most radical organization in Somalia who is said to be behind the suicide bombings in Hargeisa where at least 24 persons died and more than 30 were wounded.

The Rest @ Somaliland Press

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