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Friday, April 17, 2009

AQIM has been Quiet Since the Plague

This is a somewhat painful-to-read translation of an article from a an Algerian French language Newspaper, discussing their investigation into the dismanteling of some AQIM logistics teams in the Tizi Ouzou Region of Nothern Algeria, an AQIM stronghold.

This was first published on February 1st, 2009. In context, this was about when a number of AQIM Mujahadeen surrendered because of a black plaque outbreak in This same region.

- Shimron Issachar

Kept in total secret, the key to this "war chest" are held by one terrorist leader, in this case Ben Ali Touati alias Abu Tammimi who visited recently.

The security forces come to get their hands on a powder keg! A huge stock of explosives of the former GSPC containing five kilograms of TNT and as nitric acid, ready for use were discovered at Timezrit, a town located 35km south-west of the wilaya of Boumerdes.

More exactly, the explosives were located in lieudit Tihachadine, located between Timezrit and Ait Yahia Moussa, an area located near the vast mass of Sidi Ali Bounab known to be a real GSPC stronghold for years.

The cache was established in the late 90s by the henchmen of Hassan Hattab, then national emir of the former GSPC.
  • The former terrorists who were returning from the war in Afghanistan and then those of Iraq, have been instrumental in the establishment of the stock used in the manufacture of bombs and other explosives for attacks including the suicide bombers.
  • Kept in total secret, the key to this "war chest" are held by one terrorist leader, in this case the emir of Ansar El Seriate called Ben Ali Touati alias Abu Tammimi. The location of the stock in question was revealed by the Emir who visited with weapons and baggage security services in Tizi Ouzou 17 days ago, according to a reliable source safe.
  • The surrender of this veteran of Afghanistan came after the Hattab, on the one hand and the other, it would, of course, due to guéguerre [internal war?] within the Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb.
  • Thus, he negotiated his surrender by providing matching information of the first order to the forces of the PNA, in the image of this stock of TNT and nitric acid.

The operation of such explosives enfouillissement occurring last weekend [ 30-31 Januray?] was led jointly by the heads of the military areas of Tizi Ouzou and Boumerdes.

  • This huge quantity of TNT was buried in up to 6 metal drums and the acid in plastic cans and all protected by plastic sheeting, however, our source.
  • Aged forty years, Ben Ali Touati alias Abu Tammimi, Dellys east from where he was the emir of seriata of this city before he was promoted to head of the Ansar el katibet by Droukdel.
  • This formidable katibet over 70 activists working in the area stretching of Isser through Timezrit, Bordj Menaiel, Naciria, Baghlia, and Dellys Tigzirt. With this umpteenth battering, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb with the latest media attack began last August, going through a very critical stage in recent months.

The security services continued their action on the ground with more confidence now that the results of destruction of GSPC are tangible.

The terrorist organization is expressed less in recent months, even in regions where it was rampant with the attacks, a few years ago.

Should also be noted that the direction of the former GSPC in the center of the country, is virtually wiped out with the surrender of the most wanted terrorist and close to Droukdel.

  • In addition, tens of Logistics cells are dismantled in Boumerdes and Tizi Ouzou over the last 10 days according to our source.
  • At the level of massive Bounab Sidi Ali, the police have discovered and defused four bombs.
  • Here, a terrorist group composed of at least fifteen elements, all close to the former head of the GSPC, expect the gun to the foot, when to go.
  • These elements seem entrenched in a cave and waiting time H.
  • Furthermore, according to credible sources, a terrorist refuge in a cave of Akfadou would have counted among his people, the dead, when they were hunted by the police.
  • The security forces reportedly transported in a health institution that would have confirmed that they died of the plague.

Since the people of this region of Akfadou were advised not to approach the scene. One thing is certain is that the terrorists across their backs are really "in trouble".

In addition, a network of support for armed terrorist groups was dismantled in the town of Tadmait, 20 kilometers east of Tizi Ouzou, it was learned yesterday from reliable sources.

  • The network in question consists of nine people including a woman.
  • According to our sources, they have all been submitted to the prosecutor and five placed in custody.
  • The other four are now under judicial control.
The Rest @ Lejune Algerien by way of Wikio

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