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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Abdullah Abdul Rahman al-Harbi Arrested in Yemen

Young people, less than 18 years old, [have been recruited] to carry out terrorist attacks in the country [Yemen]. Al-Qaeda leaders trained these people inside and outside Yemen.

The announcement comes after the arrest of a most suspect wanted by Yemen and Saudi authorities, Abdullah Abdul Rahman al-Harbi who was held mid this month.

Investigations with al-Harbi revealed he has been living in Yemen for nine months and that he, during the period and while he has worked as a tailor shop manager, recruited some faces to be al-Qaeda affiliates.

A leader of an extremist group of those groups inspired by the ideology of al-Qaeda has married him to a Yemeni girl.

  • Al-Aufi name was in a list of 85 wanted suspects the Saudi Interior Ministry made public in January.
  • Investigations are ongoing with the arrestee to know if al-Qaeda had planned further attacks in Yemen after two recent suicide attacks against South Koreans, one of which a deadly attack that killed four South Korean tourists along with local guide and injured six others in eastern Yemen.
  • A second suicide bomber blew himself up at South Korean investigators who arrived to investigate the Shibam attack but the convoy survived with no injuries.
  • The Shibam suicide bomber is said to have trained in Somalia.

The Rest @ Terror Free Foundation Somalia

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