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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sharia Law May Help Stabilize Somalia

This week week, The leadership of the new legitimate Somali government has proposed moving Somalia to Sharia law. This is a stabilizing move for several reasons:
  • The move seems to be splitting the al Qaeda Backed al Shabaab . al Qaeda had been trying to unite several rebel factions under the banner of moving Somalia to Sharia law. They were having some sucess, but now the Moderate government has taken away the issue to great effect.
  • This will move to isolate the Radical Islamists in Somalia, who are a vast minority in Somalia.
  • The Vast Majority of Somalis would likely democraticaly vote in a moderate form of Sharia for Somalia if they could. They key is to set up a moderate form of Dhimmi laws for the non-Muslims.
  • This would actually demonstrate to Somalis what a governmet is supposed to do, which Somalis have not seen for a generation.

The ultimate strategy of the US needs to be the elimination of Somalia as a safe haven for al Qaeda or any other group who's ideology


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