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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The radical Islamic Movement of Al-Shabab has formed its first administration in Baidoa town the headquarters of Bay region in southern Somalia since it has taken control of the after the withdrawal of the Ethiopian troops some two months ago.
The Al-Shabab movement has also banned the selling of Khat a certain narcotic plant which majority of the Somalis munch and arrives from Meru a town in Kenya, and cars with opaque glasses apart from those ones of the officials of Al-Shabab.

“Today the 24th of March the Islamic Movement of Al-Shabab has formed an administration in the town of Baidoa the headqurters of Bay region, and the regional commissioner from today henceforth is Sheikh Abdi Hafid Omar Ibrahim” said the chairman of Al-Shabab movement in the regions of Bay and Bakool Sheikh Hassan Mohammed Ali Best known as (Abuu Ayman) in a press conference.

The former administration of Bay region is currently fugitive in the Somali, Ethiopian border town of El- Barde, and in the course of last week their was deadly battle between the forces loyal to Al-Shabab and that of the Somali government in the town of Rabdhure some 180km northwest of Baidoa town. In that battle the Al-Shabab movement has claimed victory and said that it has killed 16 of the Somali government soldiers while the Somali government officials called the victory null and void.

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