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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ) realeses Most Prisoners

On the 13th of March the MNJ claims to have released all their prisoners of war except one officer, who has "commited many crimes aginist civilians"

-Here are excerpts from their web site.


"...Since its birth, NJ has never closed the door to a negotiated solution to resolve the conflict that opposes the power of Niamey. The authorities in Niamey should be ready with honest dialogue. They must leave their position which is to continue to freeze asking NJ to 'uncoonditionally drop their arms and return to submit to the will of the regime' .n

We announced on 06/03/09 that we will release our prisoners of war with the exception of one officer, responsible for serious crimes against the innocent civilians.

To Show good will and openness to dialogue. the 06 remaining prisoners [Wer released] in the night of 12 to 13/03/09 at Niamey. [Niger]. We wish them good reunion with their families.

- The Movement.

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