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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four Officers of FDLR DR Congo, Has US Assets Frozen, bans Interactions

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list, effective 3/4/09

  • MBARUSHIMANA, Callixte, Thiais, France; Paris, France; DOB 24 Jul 1963; POB Ndusu/Ruhengeri, Northern Province, Rwanda; alt. POB Ruhengeri Province, Rwanda; citizen Rwanda; FDLR Executive Secretary (individual) [DRCONGO]
  • MUDACUMURA, Sylvestre (a.k.a. COMMANDANT PHARAON; a.k.a. MUKANDA; a.k.a. MUPENZI, Bernard; a.k.a. MUPENZI, General Pierre Bernard; a.k.a. RADJA), Kibua, North Kivu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; DOB 1955; POB Karago, Western Province, Rwanda; citizen Rwanda; Major General; Commander FDLR/FOCA (individual) [DRCONGO]
  • MUJYAMBERE, Leopold (a.k.a. ACHILLE; a.k.a. IBRAHIM, Frere Petrus; a.k.a. MUSENYERI), Mwenga, South Kivu Province, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; DOB 17 Mar 1962; alt. DOB 1966; POB Kigali, Rwanda; citizen Rwanda; Colonel; Commander, FDLR CO 2nd Division (individual) [DRCONGO]
  • NTAWUNGUKA, Pacifique (a.k.a. COLONEL OMEGA; a.k.a. NTAWUNGULA, Pacifique; a.k.a. NZERI), Peti, Walikale, Masisi Border, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; DOB 1 Jan 1964; alt. DOB 1964; POB Gaseke, Gisenyi Province, Rwanda; Colonel; Commander of FDLR 1st Division (individual) [DRCONGO]
  • NZEYIMANA, Stanislas (a.k.a. BIGARUKA; a.k.a. BIGARUKA IZABAYO, Deogratias; a.k.a. BIGARURA; a.k.a. IZABAYO DEO), Kalonge, Masisi, North Kivu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; Kibua, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; DOB 1 Jan 1966; alt. DOB 28 Aug 1966; alt. DOB 1967; POB Mugusa (Butare), Rwanda; citizen Rwanda; Brig. General; Deputy Overall Commander FOCA (individual) [DRCONGO]

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