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Friday, February 13, 2009

Robow Gives Three Conditions for Shabaab to Stop Fighitng

Thursday in Baioda Mukhtar Robow says he has not met the
new Somali president and vows more war against the country's new government

Talking to the press on Thursday at the former parliament hall in Baidoa, he
said that he does not intend to meet the new Somali President Sheikh
Sharif Ahmed, as there is no difference between him and his predecessor
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, a Xamar Radio correspondent reported from Mogadishu on Thursday.

Sharif, a former member of the United Islamic Courts, affiliated with al-Shabaab had told
reporters after spending three days in Mogadishu that he met with leaders of the insurgency,
including representatives from al-Shabaab and the Islamic Party, a new coalition. Yusuf Ahmed
had advised the incoming leader to confront al-Shabaab, which is listed as a terror organization
by the US government.

Robow has put forth three conditions for supporting the new government if:

  • The president orders AMISOM and foreign troops to leave the country;
  • Establish Islamic law;
  • Give good posts to the government to al-Shabaab authorities.

If not, Mukhtar said, al-Shabaab has vowed to continue their attacks against the government and
foreign troops till they leave the country, our correspondent said.AMISOM, African Union peacekeeping contingent serving in Mogadishu, has a force of 3,500 soldiers.

The rest @Xmarradio

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