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Monday, January 05, 2009

MS-13 Reorganizing

I don't normally comment on the Americas, but this one may have a Venezuelan Drug Connection that may be coming from the Middle East....., is this an Islamist connection?


Open Intelligence Review suggests that MS-13 may be in international Reorganization due to:

  • Reprisals by peasants in rural Guatemala
  • Black Shadow death squads in El Salvador
  • Central American Prison Deaths in El Salvador,
  • A recent raid on MS-13 members in San Francisco with other cities possibly coming up,

MS-13 May be developing news strategies: They have been very popular in the US with a wide range of talent from marginal to very effective, but they currently have a comparatively decentralized gang culture.

Therefore, MS-13 may be trying to reorganize in the following ways:

  • Evaluate their US talent
  • Merging less promising cliques into other groups with better established drug retail connections
  • Move their more talented leaders into less street-visible Major drug Wholesalers.

This would protect their contacts in expensive and hard-to-set-up transit networks from exposure to rival DTOs.

Intelligence Questions to answer:

  1. Have they may have established a new source of drugs, possibly through Venezuela, or Nicaragua which would cause them to leverage their Central American - US Transit networks?
  2. Are they there other signs that they are trying to compete with the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels?
  3. Are there signs of efforts to develop more sophisticated operational, intelligence and communication efforts
  4. Which MS-13 members are traveling from which cities?
  5. How has their crime pattern changed?
  6. Are they establishing more sophisticated human trafficking network logistical assets?

Interim conclusion

  • MS-13 is restructuring

Possible final Conclusions

  • MS-13 is simply trying to consolidate and organize recent growth in their numbers in the US, and address attriion in Central America
  • MS-13 is trying to move up the wholesale chain as a DTO
  • MS-13 is trying to Model themselves after more sophisticated multifacited international criminal organizations kie la cosa nostra and are making changes at all levels -Federico Garcia-Ochoa
The Rest on MS-13 @ Thug Life DFW

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