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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Islamic Charities Empowering Terrorist Activity

Islamic Charities that empower terrorist activities fall into two two categories:

I Agencies Specifically Designed to Reverse Money Laundering Funds

  • After 9-11 the FTATC found that "certain Islamic Agencies were operating sophisticated schemes to transfer funds to and from the US, Canada, and Europe behind a wall of secrecy"
  • Local Muslim doners defended these agencies,even while refusing to ask them for an accounting of how the agencies spent the funds - in effect an unspoekn "don't ask don't tell" agreement is in place.
  • The FTATC found that

II. Agencies Penetrated by Islamist Jihad facilitators "Using" legitimate Islamic charities assist and even resupply clearlt identified terrorist Jihad groups.

The Method for funding is within the context of Zakat ( More to follow)

Part of an ongoing "book review" of the pulped book Alms for Jihad"


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