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Monday, November 24, 2008

Shabaab Order of Battle-Invest in Pirates

al Shabaab has Links to Somalia Pirates, according to Janes Weekly, A respected International Military Intelligence and News group.

  • When will the outside assault come on the Shabaab - Pirates? Its coming before January.
  • With the Shabaab and Islamist and al Qaeda support of the Shabaab, this is going to be generally beyond the scope of a private Snach and grab of hostages.
  • I read the press being planted to prepare the public for the attack(s).

There are several international medium sized operations being planned as contingencies, US, Russia, India, China

  • - I hope they talk to each other.

This is a time for cooperation. They can go back to being enemies later.

The Shabaab think they own Somalia, and they will not be intimidated by shows of force- These youg guns have nothing to live for but martyrdom.

  • Find the three headed snake and cut of the heads
  • Cut the snake's body to pieces
  • Stand by near the pieces of the snake to find out who is funding them as their Islamist funders try to salvage what they can of the snake
  • When the funders raise a new head from each piece, cut those heads off, and the hands of those who tried to resuscitate.


Bruno Schiemsky - who formerly monitored UN arms shipments into Somalia - says these funding links take a variety of forms:

India 'sinks Somali pirate ship'
Somalis grow fearful of Islamists

  • Islamists have used the pirates to bring in arms shipments and foreign fighters, providing weapons and training in their use in return.
  • They also help with bases from which the pirates operate Hardliners, known as the Shabab, now have a degree of control over several pirate groups and provide operating funds and specialist weapons in return for a share of the ransoms being paid to free the ships and crew

As many as 2,500 young Somalis have been trained by the Shabab at points all along the Somali coast

  • The Islamists are using the pirates to train their own forces in naval tactics so that they can provide protection for arms being smuggled in Somalia from Eritrea

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