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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nigeria DIRECTONPC-Wireless-ISP-NETBLK, Dynamic IP pools

  • al-ansari construction

Ali Iskandar Al Ansari & Sons Co.Product & Services: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY - RENTAL
Address:P.O. Box 22252, Doha, Qatar
Telephone:+974 4422209
Fax:+974 4686758

Key Persons:Ismail Ali Eskander Al Ansari - General Manager

  • al-baraka construction

Al Baraka Construction Co. Ltd. that provides its services in the construction domain.

  • Indian islamic Assocation of Qatar

Islam will function as a catalyst in shaping up the future world. It is going to be the ultimate answer to Communism and Capitalism, said prominent Indian Islamic Scholar T K Abdullah.
Addressing a public meeting organised by Indian Islamic Association Qatar (IIAQ), Abdullah, a noted orator from the southern Indian State of Kerala said Islam will soon emerge as a major threat to Capitalism.
“Be it against Islam or in favour of it, Islam is the most widely debated issue in the contemporary world; and it is going to be the ultimate answer to the world’s problems. Islam will emerge as new world order blurring the boundaries of East and West”,he said. Quoting prominent Islamic scholars, Abdulla recalled how these visionaries had predicted the collapse of Communism decades before its fall in erstwhile Soviet Russia and East Europe. Now, it is Islam versus Capitalism. The foundation of capitalism has already been shaken. The whole system is struggling for its survival; and in the shaping up of new world order, Islam will certainly play a major role, he said.
T Arifali, Ameer, Jamaate Islami, Kerala wanted the authorities in India to expose the real hands behind the recent series blasts in country. (IE the Joooos -ed.)

  • revolutionary armed force of the sahara

Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Sahara (FARS) is a toubou militant group in Niger, presumably of separatist intentions, who kidnapped two Italian tourists in August 2006[1]. Boubakar Mohamed Sogoma, ethnically toubou, is a commander of FARS in 2008[2].

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