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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Umm Al-Qura Company for Development and Construction - a Abdullah Saleh Kamel Company

Dallah Real Estate & Tourism participates in joint venture partnerships with other entities in the areas of tourism and real estate.

  • These include the Umm Al Qura Company for Reconstruction and Development, currently implementing the King Abdul Aziz parallel Road project, Saudi Company for tourist cities, Riyadh for Reconstruction and Development, Saudi Company for Hotels and Tourist Areas, and the Mecca for Hotels Company.
  • International investments include the reclamation of Tunis Lake, Tunisia, a tourist complex on the banks of a currently uninhabitable lake.
  • Other foreign investments are the project of Samla and Alam Al-Roum in Egypt, a tourist city on the Mediterranean coast, and the Musharaf project in Lebanon, a housing project in the mountainous area overlooking the sea.

The Rest @ the Parent company for Umm Al Qura Company for Reconstruction and Development.

I can find nothing on it specifically, but I wonder if this is a business estblished and overseen by Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca.

  • Abdullah Saleh Kamel, is the chairman of constituent committee of Umm Al-Qura Company for Development and Construction.
  • Kamel is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and signficantly involved in Islamic Charity work.
  • He is also financially behind significant Salafi Missionary efforts in many places of the world, noteably in Africa.
  • He is very active in Islamic NGOs everywhere
  • He is one of the behind the scense driving forces behind the development of Islamic Finance, especially the standardization of Sukuk, Certified Islamic Accountants, among many other things.
  • He sits on several Zakat Councils for UAE Banks, ( or has in the past) which decide where Zakat donations get sent.
  • He is also the driving force behind the proposal for a Central International Zakat Commitee being set up in Indonesia. This, and the establishemnt of Islamic Banking is one of the tenats of the those who are working to establish the next multinational Islamic super-state or, the next Kaliphate.
  • Al Qaeda and the Ikhwan believe that they working toward that goal as well.

Is there an Ikhwan (Islamic Brotherhood) connection ? I can find no direct links. However, His many businesses and NGOs seem to hire many many people with Ikhwan leanings.


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