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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mohammed Usman Maye Assassinated in Baidao, Somalia

The Transitional Federal Government lost a Member of Parliament earlier today on September 9, 2008 after he was shot with a pistol at a close range three times by an unidentified Gunmen In Baidao, the interim Capital of the war-torn Somalia.Several witnesses said the killers shot MP Mohammed Usman Maye near Dahabshiil office in Baidao. He died at the scene while the assassins escaped un-confronted by anyone.

It is rare that the culprits are caught in assassinations like this, said one witness.According to the dead MP complained about his safety in Baidao recently as he was threatened by other TFG government members. Recently, there were threats on his life coming from other MPs such as MP Shati Gudud and Sh. Aden Madobe.

The city's residents have seen a surge of assassinations, bombings, and armed clashes between the TFG and anti-goverment forces.

Currently, the city is surrounded by Al-Shabab fighters in all corners while the Parliament is surrounded by a mix of Ethiopian and TFG forces for the security of the MPs.

However, all over the city, Al-Shabab fighters walk about freely.Contrary to the believes of Baidao's residents - that the city is not safe - MP Shati Gudud who is from Baidao told the press after MP Mohammed Usman Maye's assassination that the city is safe for everyone to live in.

So far, no one claimed responsibility which is in line with previous assassinations in Somalia.

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