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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Al Shabaab has Influence in the Somali Goverment?

Garow Reports stataements by Mohamed "Dheere" Omar, which imply that the Prime Minister Nur "Adde" Hassan is connected to the Shabaab.

This should not be of any surprise to anyone. Shabaab is trying to establish their own autonomy, since the have declared the " Islamic Emirate of Somalia ". They own the southern Third of Somalia right now, with two squeamish partners who are terrified of al Shabaab's unpredictability and viciousness.

This uneasy bickering will continue until the next phase of the war. All sides appear to be rearming, reequipping, and al Shabaab is training new International Islamist recruits for incursions into Ethiopia and possibly Kenya.

There will be no peace as long as al Shabaab exists, has arms and Eastern Ethiopia and Kenya are not Islamic states.


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