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Monday, September 29, 2008

Quintan Wiktorowicz

"Quintan Wiktorowicz "

(2005 data)
Dr. Quintan Wiktorowicz
Professor of International Studies
2000 North ParkwayDepartment of International Studies, Rhodes College
Memphis, TN 38112-1690(t)
Areas of Expertise - Muslim Politics

The Jihadi Salafis Name Of The Enemy by Quintan Wiktorowicz (2004)
  • Dr. Wiktorowicz is the J.S. Seidman Research Fellow and assistant professor of International Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • He is author of The Management of Islamic Activism: Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood and State Power in Jordan (2001); Global Jihad:
  • Understanding September 11; Radical Islam Rising: Al-Muhajiroun and High Risk Activism(forthcoming); and numerous articles and book chapters on Islamic movements in the Middle East and Europe.
  • He has recently published an edited book titled Islamic Activism: A Social Movement Theory Approach. His current research examines Islamic fundamentalist debates about issues related to Jihad and violence.

Articles in Middle East Policy

Quintan Wiktorowicz 1


Since the 1970s, the Salafi movement in Jordan has grown substantially. Today, Salafis are ubiquitous in every major city in the kingdom, and Salafi bookshops, lessons, and activities are common.
  • The purpose of the movement is to institute religious behavior and practices that capture the purity of Islam, as understood by the salaf (early Companions of the Prophet).
  • Salafis believe that because the salaf learned about Islam directly from the Prophet or those who knew him, they commanded a pure understanding of the religion.
  • All decisions in life must therefore be based upon evidence from the Qur[superset or implies]an and sunna, as recorded in authentic sayings (had[horizontal bar]iths) by the salaf. In instances where particular actions or behaviors were not sanctioned by the original sources of Islam, they are rejected as “not Muslim.”
  • Those who strictly adhere to this religious understanding are considered Salafis.1
  • Footnotes
  • 1 Quintan Wiktorowicz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Penn. 17257, USA.

Original Source @ The Journals of Cambridige

1 comment:

Hugh Mann said...


Religions are based on scripture, which is mostly poetry. So it only makes sense that religious conflict must be resolved through poetry, and not through politics, negotiation, or war. I propose that all religious conflicts be redefined poetically, so that they can be resolved without bloodshed, winners, or losers. So let's sharpen our pencils, not our swords; send missives, not missiles; and apply our minds to metaphor, simile, rhyme, meter, and prosody, but not pomposity, animosity, ferocity, atrocity, or monstrosity.

Best regards,
Hugh Mann