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Friday, August 15, 2008

Somalia-Canada-Denver-Poison: Is there a Shabaab connection?

I think this story is still a bit of a reach, but lets us see where this goes eventually:

An Ottawa, Canadian man of Somali descent is found dead with over a pouond of Sodium Cyanide Poison in a Denver Hotel, a week before the democratic convention is scehdueld to start...this is a story that bears watching, especially after Jihadist forums very recently been hosting discussions about poisoning water supplies in North American cities...


DENVER (AP/CBS4) ― Authorities say they found about a pound of sodium cyanide in a Denver hotel room where the body of a Canadian man was discovered.

The man of Somali descent may have also made Internet postings last month of a deadly nature.

Police on Wednesday identified the white powder as sodium cyanide.

Fire officials say they found a bottle containing about a pound of the white powder, or between a pint and a quart by volume. Sources told CBS4 the bottle was hidden in the room, although authorities won't verify that.UPDATE 8/14/08...."The death of a man in Denver . Let's play connect the dots: start with a Somali Muslim living in Canada.

  • Then have him travel to the city that in just a few days will be hosting the Democratic National Convention.
  • Then have him die in a hotel room. Finally, have police search the room and find a POUND of cyanide -- enough poison to kill a couple hundred people, if distributed and delivered properly".
  • "Some lone nut? I'm not so sure. I did some checking, and the Burnsley Hotel -- where Saleman Abdirahman Dirie died -- is NOT a cheap hotel.
  • I just checked online, and rooms start at $199 a night. Mr. Dirie was in that room, dead, for six days before his body was found, so there's about $1200 sunk into just rent. Toss in transportation and acquiring the cyanide and other expenses, and this was obviously no impulsive, fly-by-night operation".
  • "The FBI says there's no apparent connection to terrorism, but I'm not buying it. What Mr. Dirie apparently wanted to do was not disrupt, not call attention to his pet cause, but murder hundreds of Democrats.
  • Americans participating in the political process, exercising their Constitutional rights to shape events and influence policy and help choose our next government. That's something that transcends politics". "Or, at least, it ought to. The FBI says there's no apparent connection to terrorism. As I said, I'm not buying it.
  • I'm hearing that as "we haven't found any conclusive evidence of conspiracy as of this moment." I can not believe that Mr. Dirie was acting alone.
  • There was a support mechanism behind him, one that helped him get the money and the material and the know-how together (although apparently not enough of the last part) to go to the site of the Democratic National Convention over a week in advance with enough poison to kill hundreds of people.
  • I want them identified, I want them hunted down, and I want them killed"............That would be the al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia, they have a website hosted in Vancouver WA and has the majority of it's subscribers living in the USA !

The Rest @ CBS and the Bill Warner Blog

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