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Thursday, August 14, 2008

From December 2006 article in Crossroads Arabia, claimingn that Saleh Kamel

I’ve met Kamel several times, most recently in the home of Arab News‘ Editor-in-Chief, in 2003. He did not strike me at all as one with any interest in funding extremism, no matter the issue. In fact, he scandalized some of the other guests, including royal family members, by stating bluntly that the Palestinian issue should be of no concern to Saudis, who have enough on their plates to get excited about. What he is, though, is a very astute businessman, with extensive media holdings including:

  • the ART satellite TV network of nearly a dozen channels.
  • He has also successfully invested in banks, in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Sudan, which seem to be what attracted attention post 9/11.

-Barbara Ferguson- Arab NEws

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