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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Albadé Abouba blamed by MNJ for delaying Peace

Saturday, 30 August, 2008

The MNJ web sight posted a statment suggesting that it is Niger's Interior Minister, Albadé Abouba who is undermining the discussions between them and the government.

In it, they acknowledge that the MNJ Initaited Hostilities.

What follows is a rough translation and summary from the french language site:

  • After several months of research and investigations, we are now able to inform our countrymen of manoeuvers in Niamey which led to the stalemate in the conflict between us and the Nigerian Authorities.
  • In initiating hostilities, the MNJ has set the goal of bringing the Nigerian Government to take into account the distress and anguish of our people and the development oinjustice in our country, because of multiple Peaceful efforts remained fruitless.
  • The person of Minister of the Interior Mr. Albadé Abouba this windfall as the chance of his life:
Whenever the Nigerians are trying to work for peace and national reconciliation, the Minister of the Interior manages to dissuade President of the Republic, who believes that he is able to settle the conflict in his own way.

It then puts in motion a strategy as old as the World: "divide and conquer".

To achieve his ends, he [ Albadé Abouba ] managed to gather a few lost brothers in his living room and deploy an important intelligence apparatus.

[ this intelligence effort ] is A boon for many of our compatriots who find the way to round off their end month [ desire for money ] through hawking, slander and [finding ] informers.

For this, the Minister has the budget needed to carry out this [ Low life or underground ?] activity.

Some Nigerians have taken advantage of this situation to grow their business.

Thus, [ some have taken the position of ] "combatants who lay down their weapons".
  • These traders buy weapons in a neighbouring country use of mercenaries who have no training in the profession of arms.
  • The case of Gouré is illustrative of this maneuver unhealthy.
We hope that one day the president of the republic and the FAN discover his game and that justice is done.

- The movement.

The Rest @ MNJ Blogspot

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