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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Shabaab Worried About Support in Bay and Bakool Regions

5 Jul 5, 2008 - 7:33:09 PM

BAIDOA, Somalia July 5 (Garowe Online) - Al Shabaab militants in Somalia have issued a threat to some of the country's lawmakers, saying that the armed group "will attack Baidoa" if lawmakers do not stop their support for an upcoming military operation.

Muktar Robow "Abu Mansur," spokesman for al Shabaab, told Mogadishu media that the group had received credible intelligence that some lawmakers belonging to the Digil and Mirifle clan-family of Bay and Bakool regions are planning to attack al Shabaab bases in the area.

"The Digil and Mirifle parliamentarians want to attack Islam and to bring conflict to peaceful regions," said Abu Mansur, himself a member of the Digil and Mirifle clan-family.

Al Shabaab guerrillas have been very active in Bay and Bakool regions and have recently gained control of several districts in the region. ...

....So far, no lawmaker has responded to al Shabaab's threats but one insider told Garowe Online that Abu Mansur's threat is an "indication" that the armed group is worried about its support base in Bay and Bakool regions.

-The Rest @ Garowe OnLine

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