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Friday, July 25, 2008

AQIM Cuts off the Head of Algerian Farmer

Bani, Algeria.

A group of AQIM terrorists sabotaging a rural house and beheaded a 66 year old Farmer evening of July 12, reports Maghrebia, which claims the Algerian Press is concealing the incident.
Algerian press concealing heavily on the attack.

At approximately 8 pm more than twenty men under the age of 40 years raided the house of one small farmers in the region.

A witness said "the men were heavily armed and wearing military clothes. They thought they were soldiers who raided the process. Immediately after entering the house they took the mobile phone and told the family to stay in the kitchen, where three guards ransacked the house. Terrorists have not delayed much in our demand for money and jewelry

The Terrorists wanted the money obtained by the Farmer father under a programme to assist farmers. They seized 200 thousand dinars an d hunting rifles.They then were told to stay inside the house, and threatened to kill any of us if we tried to get out. "

They took the Head of the family and left. Security forces found later in the man's body lying on the ground had cut his head off.

The Community of 5000 has been terrified since

The incident reminded many of the residents dark days nineties, during which the terrorists did not refrain from cutting of the heads of children, women and elders.

In an attempt to understand this criminal act talked with Moroccan security affairs expert live tour. An unnamed security person suggested to the family that this was probably retaliation for failing to comply with blackmail payments. He added that Elements of the group usually targeted farmers, traders and owners of the liberal professions"

No group claimed responsibility for the organization after the killing, but this area is a former stronghold of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which has now become Al Qaeda in the Maghreb ( AQIM )

Local newspapers have avoided talk about the event but some people who said that this is due to the Interior Ministry, which usually deal with public information on terrorism has not issued any official statement on the incident.

More @ The Medialine

The Rest @ Maghrebia

-This suggests a new Fund Raising Strategy for AQIM, and ads evidence to the possibility that AQIM is in need of cash, having recently been reinforced in numbers by veteran insurgents returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.


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